12 Amazing Examples Of Reverse Psychology In Everyday Life

12 Amazing Examples Of Reverse Psychology In Everyday Life

Reverse psychology works in everyday life, in a variety of ways. It’s used by therapists who have resistant patients. Prosecutors use it to extract confessions from criminals. Parents use it to get their children to follow household rules. Husbands and wives use it to get their spouses to do what they want.


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What is reverse psychology?

When we understand that when some people never listen to you or ignore your words or do exactly the opposite of what you say, we can apply reverse psychology to them. According to Cambridge English Dictionary – a method of trying to make someone do what you want by asking them to do the opposite and expecting them to disagree with you. So we will use this article as an explanation for the following reasons: Learn how you can use reverse psychology in your everyday life to get what you want.  Reverse psychology is generally known as strategic self-anticonformity.

There’s no limit to the strategies you can use, including online or over the phone. Let’s say you want to keep the kids on task With a few simple tricks, you can get your kids to get off their hands and do what you want them to do. Here’s one example: Determine whether or not your child has a digital device. Ask them if they’ve used it all day. If so, ask them to stop. Tell them that you want them to spend some time doing family activities and chores. Remind them that the use of electronic devices makes it harder to do these things.

Why does reverse psychology work?

Reverse psychology works by stripping away the facade of manipulation and presenting an easier, more open, less emotional option. Think about it. Why do people talk to a wall? Well, because they don’t really have to talk to anyone. They know the other person is invisible, and it’s easy to carry on a conversation. They talk to the wall because it’s much easier, and people do it without any trouble. Well, it’s effective because you have a rapport with the other person, and they feel compelled to comply with your commands.

Reverse psychology helps people by manipulating other people to do things that they may not otherwise do, such as standing up and dancing to a song that a stranger wants them to like.

Using reverse psychology, the producers of the TV series “Desperate Housewives” lured a few of the main characters into letting the daughter on a blind date, but when the blind date didn’t work out, they decided to use reverse psychology to have her do a new job that she wasn’t happy doing. When the effect worked out the way they wanted, they were really pleased with their work, because they knew that not many people would do the opposite of what they wanted.

After all, you can’t logically argue with your emotions. Moreover, when your motivations come from a place of sadness, anger, or even fear, it’s often better to ignore or deny the signal rather than respond in kind. Reverse psychology might actually help you get what you want more quickly, rather than waiting around for people to start acting following your mind.

As youth, they learned all kinds of tricks to get their way. By the time they got out on the streets, they knew how to ignore traffic signals, evade the police, and keep hold of our prized possessions. But you can’t always count on the traits that we learned from school to carry us through adulthood. Fortunately, there are By simply changing the thoughts that a person thinks, you’re forcing them to believe in what you desire.

For example, you might want to be close with someone, but you don’t want to admit it. Instead, you might create situations that would leave you thinking that you’re having a great time with this person, while really you’re having a horrible time. This is one of the most powerful ways to manipulate someone’s emotions.

Besides You can apply it to influence your loved ones, change your boss’ attitude, to help others see your point of view, or influence your professional life. Whatever the case, reverse psychology will help you create a good influence over those around you.

What are some examples of reverse psychology in everyday life?

Here I have listed some examples of reverse psychology that are used by us consciously and sometimes unconsciously but be careful with the conscious application of reverse psychology. You need to know it’s not working for all the people, it doesn’t even depend on male or female. Reverse psychology only works on those people who are stubborn, arrogant, curious and loves to break rules.

  1. Don’t get crazy ideas!
  2. Don’t think about that…
  3. You don’t have to decide now, Sunny.
  4. There is no need to go into a trance.
  5. I don’t think this is for you, I want to ask someone. Do you know anyone?
  6. I’m sure you won’t be able to sit still for 15 minutes.
  7. No way that you can manage to hug or kiss me.
  8. Forget number 48765. You cannot remember number 48765.
  9. It is not recommended to have fun while doing these exercises.
  10. I could tell you that this experience makes you more confident, but I would rather let you discover it for yourself.
  11. If you want your girlfriend or boyfriend to read out that you love him or her just write it in a diary and tell him or her not to open the diary.
  12. Let’s say you don’t want to eat pizza but your friend might want, so how to divert him or her. Start with a negative fact about pizza and then say- whatever, let’s eat pizza together, what you think? You will see she or he will respond with no and will tell you to try different things.


Reverse psychology, despite being a centuries-old form of psychology, has become a thriving field of psychological research. The theory has been proven time and time again in different aspects of psychology, and it has even been used in court to convict criminals.

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