13 important signs that someone is manipulating you

13 Important Signs That Someone Is Manipulating You

It may take time to realize someone is emotionally manipulating you. The signs are subtle, and they often evolve over time.


Friends and family will tell you that your ex was a wonderful person with a good heart. If you are happy with your life, then you should be able to let go of these negative emotions and move forward. You may be feeling jealous of your friends’ new relationships. You might even want to speak with your ex, but that will probably put you back into depression. You have a new boyfriend, but you feel like you are not worthy of your happiness. You still care about your ex and you want to reconcile, but he won’t even acknowledge your existence. After You Breakup You are missing your ex more and more. You start fantasizing about their possible reaction if you contact them. You have physical symptoms, such as an increase in heart rate, and you feel happy.

13 Important Signs That Someone Is Manipulating You

If you’re emotionally manipulated and aren’t sure if it’s someone else or you are just trying to overcompensate for your own experiences with emotional abuse, here are the thirteen most common signs that someone is emotionally manipulating you. If you have the following thirteen indicators that a manipulative person is manipulating you, consider a possible emotional and psychological manipulation. They are constantly calling or messaging you Maybe you are struggling with boundaries and this is their way of trying to get them. For example, they might be telling you things they know you don’t want to hear. If you are deeply drawn to this person, you might take what they say as truth and may even start to believe them. Characteristics of a manipulative person vary from person to person.

Emotional manipulation is a form of manipulation and the degree varies according to who you are and what you’re dealing with.

Someone is emotionally manipulating you if you experience any of the following:

1. You can’t have an honest conversation.

2. You’re blamed for everything that goes wrong.

3. The things you say and do are being ignored.

4. People around you are getting defensive and resistant to hearing your perspective.

5. You get angry when people don’t listen.

6. You start to self-depreciate.

7. You live in fear that what you say is going to negatively impact your relationships.

8. You had to lie and suppress your emotions.

9. You take a lot of your cues from your partner.

10. You don’t feel safe to express yourself.

11. You put up with any behavior.

12. They are always asking for favors

13. They are passive aggressive since they avoid confrontation.


Emotional manipulation has become a prominent factor in modern relationships. Many people don’t even know what it is, and they don’t have a solid grasp of what it is capable of. The good news is that you don’t need to know to protect yourself from emotional manipulation. There are signs and cues that can help you detect a manipulative person if you know what to look for.

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