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15 Coolest Psychological Tricks That Can Make You More Smarter

The world of psychology like an ocean, mysterious and yet needs exploration, there are some coolest psychological tricks and tips that you can try on your friends and family.

Coolest Psychological Tricks

Some might be sound unethical and manipulative, but it’s for the educational purpose since we’re talking about the coolest here, right? Not to mention the useful. So let’s read out all –

1. The Power of “YES” 

While in savage argument, if you are intended to express your opinion in a cool way, never use “But” or “No”. Try “Yes”, “You are right” and “Okay”  instead. It will make the arguer value your thoughts as positive words make you sound more mature and diplomatic.

2. Addressing with the Name

A very simple yet very effective trick you may apply to someone by using their name. Wherever you meet a new person, use his or her name during conversation and they will definitely respond to you positively. Nothing is as pleasant as his name, a positive sound wave. Just do not overdo it, otherwise, the effect might be the opposite.

3. Flattery

Try flattering with a person without letting him or her understand, in a decent approach, you will see you will be in his or her good book. Don’t overdo it otherwise, the other person might get to know the hypocrisy in your voice and will stop trusting you.

4. Element of Urgency

With the application of the element of urgency (“only two places left”), it’s very easy to close a deal. Since people are afraid of losing, It subconsciously drives them to close the deal with you quickly.

5. Begin with Storytelling

This is an old trick but very useful. If you want to draw the attention of your audience begin with a nice, mindblowing real-life story or fact. As you might know, people do love stories or facts rather than statistics and figures.

6. Power of artificial alternative choices

Let’s say you want to give a difficult task to someone who may accomplish it but there might possibilities that he will show many excuses or will try to pass it over instead of choosing the easiest one as a task. Here, if you give him options from the beginning more difficult one along with your original difficult task. You will see he will gladly choose the original version of your task.

7. Planting idea with reverse Psychology

This is one of the coolest psychological tricks – playing with reverse psychology. Let’s say you want someone to think about something. Do not just advise him to think, try telling him or her not to think about that particular thing. You will see the magic. 

8. Devils sound

As this is human nature, whispering something to someone almost guarantees that they will whisper you back.

9. Hacking comfort zone

Making someone very uncomfortable and self-conscious is really easy, just stare at the forehead of a person while talking and they will become subconsciously concerned about what you might be looking at.

10. Weapon against the hacking comfort zone

Earlier I just told you, how to make someone uncomfortable. But you can play him back by looking at his feet, it will make him strangely uncomfortable.

11. Scaling the real character

It’s really tough to figure out the real character of someone. But these psychological tricks are very useful and depend on how successfully you applied. To gauge the real character of someone you need to pay attention to how he or she behaves with someone who is not important to him or her.

Another way you will gauge the real character of a person by how they talk about other people.

12. Getting into the Good book

One of the most positive ways to be in someone’s good book is by being a good listener since people love to talk and share about them or their surroundings, you just need to be a good listener. 

13. Forehead effect

This is one of the coolest psychological tricks that works out most of the time:

Just simply ask someone to draw a letter ‘S’ on their forehead.

If he or she draw this: S

The person is synthetically empathetic and affectionate towards you and the others.

But if he or she draws like this: ƨ

They are no doubt a very selfish person, and then run like Jalal’s Prank

14. Delivering the persuasive message

The application of the word “Because” instantly boosts your message to become more persuasive.

15. Praise hard paradox

Who doesn’t want to get praised? Praise someone as hard as possible so that they will bound to feel they are really good at something, and by doing that you are actually throwing them into a paradox, they will gladly do anything you ask as a favor. So the next time you ask someone a favor, praise them immensely and you’ll definitely see the magic.

There are many cool psychological tricks and tips around the web like how to forget someone, but these are the coolest for me, I hope you liked it, and please do apply them only for good and educational purposes.

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