coolest psychological tricks

15 Coolest Psychological Tricks That Can Make You More Smarter

There are the great psychological tricks and suggestions that you may attempt on your friends and family. The realm of psychology is like an ocean, fascinating and yet demands research.

Coolest Psychological Tricks

Some might be sound unethical and manipulative, but it’s for the educational purpose since we’re talking about the coolest here, right? Not to mention the useful. So let’s read out all –

1. The Power of “YES” 

In a heated debate, if you want to maintain your composure and seem reasonable while expressing your point of view, you should never use the words “but” or “no.” Try responding with phrases such as “Yes,” “You are correct,” and “Okay” instead. Because using positive language makes you appear more mature and polite, the arguer will be more likely to appreciate your opinions as a result.

2. Addressing with the Name

By utilizing the person’s name, you may pull off a trick that is extremely easy to do yet incredibly powerful at the same time. When you utilize a new person’s name in conversation, they are far more likely to react favourably to you. This holds true regardless of where you meet new people. Nothing is as calming as the sound of his name, which is an upbeat sound wave. However, be sure not to overuse it since doing so might have the opposite impact.

3. Flattery

If you try to flatter someone in a respectful manner, without letting them know it, you will find that they will think more highly of you and will be more likely to like you. If you go overboard, the other person may see the hypocrisy in your tone of voice and decide not to trust you anymore. So be careful not to overdo it.

4. Element of Urgency

It is quite simple to clinch a transaction when you use the tactic of creating a sense of urgency by saying things like “just two spaces remaining.” Because individuals are terrified of failing, it subtly motivates them to complete the transaction with you as soon as possible.

5. Begin with Storytelling

This is an old technique, yet it still comes in handy. If you want to get your audience’s attention, the best way to do it is to start with an interesting true tale or fact that blows their minds. People are more likely to be interested in tales or facts than they are in statistics and numbers, as you probably well know.

6. Power of artificial alternative choices

Consider the following scenario: you want to assign a challenging assignment to a person who is capable of completing it, but there is a chance that he will make a lot of excuses or will attempt to find a way around it so that he may choose the one that is the simplest to do. In this case, it would be helpful if you gave him alternatives right from the start, one of which was more challenging than the initial onerous assignment. You will notice that he will happily choose the first version of your assignment to complete.

7. Planting idea with reverse Psychology

Playing with reverse psychology is one of the most interesting and innovative psychological techniques there is. Let’s imagine you’re interested in what another person thinks about something. Instead of just recommending that he or she think about anything, try discouraging them from doing so in relation to that specific topic. You are going to see the magic.

8. Devils sound

Because of the way that human nature works, if you whisper anything to someone, you can virtually be certain that they will whisper it back to you.

9. Hacking comfort zone

If you want to make someone feel really awkward and self-conscious, all you have to do is gaze at their forehead while they are talking. This will cause them to become unconsciously anxious about what it is that you could be looking at.

10. Weapon against the hacking comfort zone

I have just explained to you how to put someone in an awkward position. You may play him back by glancing at his feet, which will make him feel oddly uncomfortable. This will allow you to win the game.

11. Scaling the real character

It may be quite challenging to get an accurate read on someone’s true character. However, the utility of these psychological strategies is directly proportional to how well they are employed. If you want to get an accurate picture of someone’s true nature, watch how they conduct among people who aren’t particularly significant to them and make a mental note of what you see.

Another way you will gauge the real character of a person by how they talk about other people.

12. Getting into the Good book

Since most individuals like talking and sharing information about themselves or their environment, all you need to do is be a good listener in order to win someone’s favor and earn a place in their good books. This is one of the most beneficial techniques to get someone’s favor.

13. Forehead effect

This is one of the coolest psychological tricks that works out most of the time:

Just simply ask someone to draw a letter ‘S’ on their forehead.

If he or she draw this: S

The person is synthetically empathetic and affectionate towards you and the others.

But if he or she draws like this: ƨ

They are no doubt a very selfish person, and then run like Jalal’s Prank

14. Delivering the persuasive message

Simply using the word “Because” in your message gives it an immediate lift toward being more convincing.

15. Praise hard paradox

Who doesn’t like to be complimented on their work? Praise someone as often as you possibly can, and they will undoubtedly get the impression that they are really excellent at something. However, by doing so, you are actually putting them in a paradox, and as a result, they will cheerfully comply with any request that you make of them as a favor. Therefore, the next time you ask someone for a favor, be sure to lavish a great deal of praise on them, and you will undoubtedly see the magic.

There are many cool psychological tricks and tips around the web like how to forget someone, but these are the coolest for me, I hope you liked it, and please do apply them only for good and educational purposes.

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