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All you need to know before you sign up for car insurance

Considering a car insurance plan can be a quite perplexing task. Many of us get confused while picking a car insurance plan as some are prioritizing price and others on coverage. But what are the vital points you should be looking for as you consider your options? We’ve highlighted some points with suggestions that will cover everything that you need to know before buying an insurance policy.

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Driver and vehicle information

To get detailed info of your plan from a car insurance company, you have to provide the following information of the driver(s) and vehicle(s) that you want on the policy:

  • Name and DOB of the driver
  • The license number of the vehicle and issuing state of the driver
  • Vehicle Information Number (VIN)
  • Mileage on your car – Current
  • Legal address where the vehicle is registered
  • Registered owner’s name
  • The prior expiration date and insurance carrier
  • Date of purchase of the vehicle
  • The intention of uses of your car (Office or Family)

All of the above info helps the insurance company check – your driving record for speeding tickets and accidental records, as a result, this may increase your insurance costs. One of the important things to keep in mind is that a brand new car is more expensive to insure than an older car with high mileage. However, if you use your vehicle within a short distance to work, you have to pay more than a customer with a long distance.

Third-party or Direct purchase?

You can either purchase your insurance plan directly or use a captive agent. However, you may also work with an independent agent/broker.

If you buy insurance directly online you need to do lots of research and need to give some extra effort, since there will be no middleman you will find it more affordable with fewer overhead costs. Eventually, you have to give more effort while comparing policies and claiming files in the future since you won’t have the help of an agent.

If you use an authorized(captive) agent, you’ll be working with a direct representative from the insurance company. The agent will provide you necessary guidelines and support which might be required now and future, it will also help you to build a long-term relationship with the company. The good thing is in case if you need to file a claim in the future, they’ll be your point of contact with the company. The main difference between independent agents and captive agents is independent agents or brokers work for many insurance companies. They can offer you a variety of policies and options with several different insurance companies since they work on commission based you might have to pay them some extra fees.

Get to know about your state laws(car insurance)

At first, you should know whether you are living in a no-fault state or not. If you are living in a no-fault state then you have to purchase your injury protection which covers your medical fees regardless of who is at fault in an accident. Let’s assume you are financially healthy then you must purchase higher liability limits required by your state laws since your plan pays other people’s expenses up to the limits of your policy after accidents that you make. If you don’t have the right amount of coverage, you might still be breaking the law even if you have insurance. So do not risk getting a penalty that could cost you everything like money, time, and your driving privileges.

Consider  Plan-B 

There are multiple kinds of car damage such as theft, vandalism, flooding, hail, or wildlife on the road, etc. So always consider a supplemental coverage plan which includes some benefits which are not included with your main insurance plan. 

Compare prices

You should research and compare quotes that you received from multiple insurance companies. Find the best plan which covers most of the points that are compulsory for you. 

Grab the discount opportunity

Students above 3.00-grade point out of 4.00 can get discounts including senior citizens, people with short commutes, and those with added safety devices installed in their vehicles may get money off their premiums. Many insurance companies offer different types of plans with discounted promotional offers. It will help you to pick the best plans at a minimal price if you are the lucky one. So to be the lucky one do not hesitate to ask for discounts or any sorts of promotional offers.

Deductibles you’re comfortable with

If you want to lower your monthly premium then opt for a higher deductible. I am very sure that if you are on a budget it might not cover as much if you get into an accident, but the lower monthly payments may be worth that sacrifice.

Payment policy and methods

After finalizing a policy you may choose a variety of methods for paying your insurer. Most of the insurance companies in every state accepts money checks, orders, debit cards, credit cards, or transfers directly from your bank account.

  • You might be given few options like:
  • Pay as early as possible with discounts
  • Pay with installments
  • Autopay online

If you have any queries regarding the payment process or your billing cycle, don’t hesitate to ask your insurance company – they are obliged to help you find a payment plan that suits you.

Considering car insurance is a crucial financial decision and will likely be one of the major expenses in your annual budget. That’s why I will suggest you carefully consider several different quotes from at least ten different car insurance companies in United States, Canada, or any other countries you live in. So, take the time to gather more information about which company caters to citizens with driving histories similar to yours. Finally, I would like to add take follow the suggestions explained above, take your time, speak with five to ten companies, you can find the best car insurance company for you, this is even applicable for health insurance.

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