Aztec Temple

Archaeologists Unearth Skulls At 14th-Century Aztec Temple In Mexico City

Archeologist found more than 100+ human skulls dating back to the 1400s is in itself a remarkable feat, it’s all the more extraordinary for being part of Huey Tzompantli. The huge tower of skulls famously terrified the conquistadors who conquered the city under Hernán Cortés in 1521.

Since then, researchers have been able to pinpoint three separate periods of construction for the tower, which was constructed between the years 1486 and 1502. The first discovery of the structure in 2017 was quite a surprising find. This was not just because the human remains found there weren’t solely those of males, but also because of the edifice itself.

Researchers had assumed that the unearthed skulls belonged to young male warriors, but many of the bones were of children and women. This definitely caused historians to rethink what they believed they understood about human sacrifice in the Aztec Empire.

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