5 Ways to Express Your Love in a Language Your Partner Understands

5 Ways to Express Your Love in a Language Your Partner Understands

By better understanding the love languages help us to create bonding with our partner by identifying how they show us love and how we should show them, love – overall strengthening the bond and communication in the relationship.

Express your love in the language your partner understands

If your partner understands your love languages, they will understand you in a whole new light. So how do you express your love in a language your partner understands?

Interacting without words can go a long way. It can tell your partner you love them by giving them your full attention, physically and mentally. Let your partner know you love them by physical touch, too.

In other words, if you tell your partner you love them, but their answer is not enthusiastic, you are likely to perceive that as a lack of affection from your partner. This may be because a lack of physical affection can be misinterpreted as being cold, insincere, or just unloving.

So instead of saying, “I love you,” consider saying, Let’s go for a hangout anywhere you like.

Just like deciphering the different types of love for yourself, take a look at the language that your partner understands the best when you tell them that you love them.

Haven’t you wondered why you can’t really understand your partner’s love language – this is a good explanation of why! Many words that have different meanings to us do not mean the same thing to your partner.

Most people equate love languages to be specific ways we show our love to each other, but that’s not the case. Learning your partner’s language can help you better understand your partner and better communicate with them and strengthen your relationship.

The Five Love Languages for Singles and Couples

The way in which we feel love is defined by our five love languages. While there are plenty of discussions on what each of the five love languages is, the takeaway is this: Love is expressed in the way we feel love. We all love differently – some by touch, some by gifts, others by quality time, and still others by words of affirmation. Everyone has different, individual needs for love.

Knowing the language our partner speaks, how we show love, and how our partner shows love to us all come into play to better express ourselves in a way that we can understand. Learning your partner’s love language helps us understand their needs and helps us express our love with a clear understanding of their needs.

We have to be more open to sharing ourselves with the people we care about. While it’s okay to keep some things a secret, it’s important to communicate in a language that your partner understands. That way they can know the real you and you can be yourself in front of them.

Cocktails with girlfriends or just relaxing on the couch is a perfect way to enjoy some quality time with friends or your partner. But let’s be honest; most couples know that it’s most likely a good way to relax and let go of any stress and/or frustrations. But this “alone” time is also great for lovers to have a little fun. There are many fun and interesting activities couples can do together, that is, in fact, enjoyable for the whole family. So, here are some of the more imaginative and fun ways to spice up your evenings with your partner!

The five ways to show your love to your partner in a language they understand are:

1. Hangout together

Whether it’s going to the movies, grabbing coffee, having dinner, or spending time in general just being with each other – talking, playing, and have a romantic conversation.

2. Making Them Feel Secure

Encourage them to feel at home when you are with them. When you give them the confidence to open up and let go, it increases your chances of not only communicating clearly but also being understood.

3. Acts of Service

Giving your partner a task and follow up on it together shows that you’re there for each other – going beyond traditional expressions of love – including doing the dishes, getting a taxi, or buying a gift.

4. Words of Affirmation

Share affirmations and real compliments. Couples are made up of two different energies, so be conscious of when to speak and when to shut up and listen. Always compliment your partner when they are right, celebrate their accomplishments and feelings of pride, and support them in their decisions.

5. Expressing Your Affection

A simple hug is an important gesture of affection. Even better if you kiss each other hello and goodbye. The action of using our bodies to hug, show love, says that we care about our partner.

Psychological Tips

Here are some psychological tips that you should follow in order to be more successful in expressing your thought to your partner:

Start with words

The first step is to simply ask your partner what he or she would say to you if they couldn’t say it. I find it best to start with words you already know – especially if you can read and write. For example, if your partner struggles to express feelings with words but knows how to describe a different aspect of your life – an action you do or an activity you partake in – be sure to ask what they mean when they use those words. Show them you care with small gestures The best way to show your partner you care is with small gestures. Examples could be a hug in the middle of the grocery store, making dinner for them because it’s the week you’re off, or simply sending a thoughtful card in the mail to show your appreciation.

Start with actions

Start with actions – love and affection are actions and show a similar pattern. So if we say “I love you” or if we go out of our way to do something for our partner – chances are they feel and understand our love. It’s not only actions that matter, it’s the intent behind the actions that too. We start from the intention behind the action and not just about the action itself. When you want to show your partner you love them, what you should do is smile, hug, put your arm around them, or be close to them. Showing love through physical gestures is common in almost every language, but how can you show your love through these gestures? Have Fun When we express our love, we need to have fun. Laughter builds up the bond and if done appropriately, people tend to feel closer.

Start with compliments

Instead of being downright critical of our loved ones and pointing out their flaws, we should look for positive attributes and pay them compliments. A study conducted at UC Berkeley found that when people received compliments about their appearance or behaviors, they tended to feel warm and caring. “When people appreciated how someone did something in a nurturing way or were told how someone cares about them, they also reported more liking,” explains study author Dennis Henigan, a senior fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. Hiring a consultant to help you practice is one thing, but remember that some of these things may not be intuitive for your partner.

Start with time

If it takes you a couple of years to get to know your partner better – and get them to understand you better – they’ll likely have better mastery in certain areas and you in others. The positive thing is that, not only you do get to understand the person and bond with him or her, but, when you fully understand one another, you’ll both get to have an intense and significant amount of understanding. When you reach this level of understanding, the most important thing is to communicate well. And that’s something that doesn’t need to be based on language – in fact, in an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to communicate much, as both of you get to understand one another so well. Start by deepening your bond by spending more time together.


The number one key to having a relationship that will stand the test of time is showing each other unconditional love. We don’t have to wait for Valentine’s day to express that love – every single day matters. The amount of love and appreciation each and every one of us shows to one another and the world around us greatly influences and transforms our world into one which is a much better and more caring place to live in. My life has been forever changed by the unconditional love and kindness shown by a man I met on one of the best dating sites known to the world, with the one task to pass on the love he received to someone else who may need it.

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