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How to add a signature in Gmail – best feature for professionals

It is very annoying when you have to add signature every time while you are emailing someone, especially for professional emails. In Gmail, it is very easy to add an automatic signature. Please follow my guidelines below step by step.

In Gmail, It is very easy to set up and add signature for your mail account

Insert add Signature in Gmail:

1. Select the Settings icon in your Gmail toolbar.

2. Select Settings > All Settings

How to add a signature in Gmail

3. It will take you to the all settings page and by default landing page you will find is  General settings tab-scroll down and below you will find signature option

How to add a signature in Gmail

4. In the text field type your desired signature. The standard rule is to keep your signature to about four to five lines of text. No need to use a signature separator since Gmail inserts it automatically. If you want to add formatting or an image, use the formatting bar.

5. Select the “Save Changes” bar.

6. From now on Gmail will now insert the signature automatically when you compose a message. Before sending a mail you can remove it or edit it.

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