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How to apply for social security?

Follow the steps described below:

Step One: Before applying to make sure that it is the right time for you as it will have impacts for the rest of your life.

Step Two: Check your eligibility whether you are eligible or not.

Now for your kind information, you have to be 61 years old and better to have at least 10 years of job experience in total to get the social credits.

In the USA 97% of workers are covered by social security.

Step Three: To start the application one must know when to start the process.

Before getting your social security paycheck it is better to apply and if you should apply a minimum of four months earlier.

Step Four: This is the toughest step but systematic enough.

You need to collect all the info and prepare all the necessary documents while applying for it.  

Documents List:

  • Date of Birth(DOB) and Birthplace
  • SSN Numbers
  • You will need your PR card number(If not a US citizen yet)
  • Current wife name and ex-wife name(if married for more than 10 years), SSN  card number of spouse and DOB
  • Birthdate of children and their information 
  • Full details of the employer under whom you have worked in the last 2 years.  (This information will be available on an online Social Security statement.)  Additional requirements are employers’ names and employment start and end dates.
  • For self-employed people need to show the last 2 years’ reports or business reports.

For the direct deposit, it is required to provide the bank account type and number and also the bank routing number.  (For the Banks Out of USA, it is required to provide international direct deposit bank country, bank name, bank code, currency type, and the branch or transit number)

Step Five: By providing the information above, you will be able to complete your application.

You may:

  • Apply online (It will take about 15 minutes approximately)
  • Via telephone — 1-800-772-1213
  • In-person at the local Social Security office (An appointment over the telephone is required– 1-800-772-1213.)

Step Six: After submitting the application the Social Security Administration will contact if they have any enquiry.  It is also possible to check the application status online anytime.

Isn’t it easy?

I will suggest you before applying please think wisely about whether it is the right time for you or not? Because your decision will have a greater impact on the rest of your life. So please analyze and figure out the best time for you to apply.

What is the right time?

I have already mentioned above. For example, if your age is 63 and 9 months you may apply and start taking benefits at the age of 64.

The point to be noted is that you may apply doesn’t mean you should or you must remember to figure out the best time to apply.

Usually, the more you delay, the more your monthly income will increase even if it may go up to one hundred thousand dollars depending on the cases.

Around 0.55% will be deducted from your payout for every month before your full retirement age that you begin taking benefits.

You will be deposited a bigger amount when you finally do begin drawing Social Security for every year that you defer your benefits. 

Figure out the perfect time to Start Social Security

It is normal to get confused about when to apply or submit in that case you might use the social security age calculator online or someone who knows the calculation.

Rules of thumb of taking :

Early: If you are very needy or you know that you might not live long.

At Full Retirement Age: If you do not believe in or doesn’t concerned about how long you will live.

Wait for more if Possible: If you are confident enough to live longer.

Nobody knows when he will die except our creator. It is better to discuss with friends and family before starting your application.

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