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How to be Happy – 10 best efficient and effective ways

Everyone in this world wants to be happy but they don’t know how to be happy.

Happiness seems different for everyone. It is the lowest point of desire for human life that everyone is seeking it though it is very temporary. It’s very easy to be happy other than seeking peace.

Some habits will slowly lead you to happiness-

1. Smile every day

2. Get plenty of sleep 

3. Exercise regularly

4. Be grateful to your creator

5. Eat good foods

6. Be used to giving compliments

7. Acknowledge the unhappy moments

8. Breathe deeply

9. Keep a journal

10. Take stress positively as much as you can

Theory of happiness

Zero and infinity have some connections and they are related somehow. Let’s say a 5-year-old girl can count 1-30 and there are 40 apples in front of her. If you would ask how many apples are there- she might reply “Many apples” as it is infinite to her. We know that some rich people are happy but all the poor people are not unhappy. Rich and Poor have the same relation as the zero have with the Infinity.

We can be rich and happy easily 

First, let me clear the definition of rich and poor:

Rich: When your earning is higher than your expectation and demand.

Poor: When your earning is less than your demand or demand is higher than earning.

I hope everything is clear now and you know the real secret of ultimate happiness. From now on you are rich. You could be rich either reducing your expectation and demand or increasing your earnings.

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