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How to get rid of bed bugs – Do it yourself step by step

The life cycle of bed bugs

In this article you will get to know exactly what kills bed bugs and their eggs. An adult bed bug may live up to 6 to 12 months and bed bug eggs hatch in 6-10 days.

Types of bed bugs 

To get rid of bed bugs read this complete article. After researching 21 species of bed bugs that invade the home, scientists say the pesticides that used to be used to destroy them are now thousands of times more potent than before. Scientists say conventional pesticides are no longer working to destroy bed bugs.

The harm of bed bug bites:

Bugs attack our body in the dark of night, drink blood and inject some harmful substances into the body which increases the incidence of various diseases. Such as …

1. Allergies: Studies have shown that some people get severe allergic reactions to bed bug bites. In that case, with the decrease in blood pressure, the difficulty in breathing also starts to increase. If any treatment is not taken immediately the situation may get worse. That’s why those who have allergies should be extra careful in these cases.

2. Infections: You heard right, this little brown bed bug can cause serious infections. In fact, after being bitten by a bed bug, the wound begins to itch severely. As a result,  excessive itching damages the skin and helps harmful germs into the body through the wounded place. Finally, the infection spreads inside the body.

3. Shortness of breathing: In the house where the bugs nest, the air is so poisonous that it enters the body while breathing. In this case, the risk of severe breathing difficulties increases. According to doctors, bed bugs may increase the breathing difficulties of asthma patients.

4. Anxiety: Continuous bites of bugs hurt the immune system which may cause stress and anxiety eventually. Now you understand how much damage this bug does even though it is small in size. That’s why bugs should never be taken lightly!

5. Insomnia: How can you sleep after biting all night? That is why it is very important to stay away from bed bugs. Because if you don’t get enough sleep, your body starts breaking down. With that, the performance of almost every organ will start to decrease.

6. Anemia: Multiple studies have shown that for those who have been taking bug bites for a long time, the level of red blood cells in their body begins to decrease. This increases the risk of anemia. 

Home remedies for bed bugs bites

Once the bugs spread around the house, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. So it is important to know how to get rid of it. According to a report on a medical website, the bug bites need to be washed first with ‘disinfectant soap’ and water and then with natural ingredients with this health damage can be avoided.

1. Banana peel: Banana peel contains bio-active herbal ingredients like ‘carotenoids’, ‘polyphenols’ etc. Rubbing the inside of the bark on the bitten area relieves the feeling of burning or itching. The procedure can be followed as many times as you want.

2. Cinnamon and honey: Cinnamon and honey moisturize the skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. The two ingredients can be mixed to treat bug bites. This also reduces the risk of infection. Mix a few drops of honey with two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and apply it to the affected area. When it gets dry, simply wash it. If you apply this paste three to four times a day, you will get good results.

3. Toothpaste: The menthol in the toothpaste gives a cold feeling to the bitten part, which reduces itching and burning. Apply toothpaste on the bitten area for 10 minutes and wash it off. In this way, you will get benefits by applying paste three to four times a day.

4. Mouthwash: Mouthwash contains a disinfectant called ‘Ethanol’, which helps in eliminating infections. In this case, good results can be obtained by making a cotton ball and dipping it in the mouthwash and applying it to the bitten area.

5. Salt: Salt helps to cure rashes and inflammation caused by bed bug bites. Rubbing salt on the bitten area provides quick relief from pain and burns. In this case, you can apply salt three times a day to get good results.

Home remedies for getting rid of bed bugs:

Let’s find out what kills bed bugs and their eggs easily.

1. Naphthalene: Naphthalene is very effective in getting rid of house bugs. To get rid of bed bugs, sprinkle naphthalene powder at least twice a month on the infested area including the bed. You will see that there will be no bed bugs in the house.

2. Kerosene coating: Apply kerosene coating on furniture from time to time to get rid of bed bugs. The bugs will escape fast.

3. Clean the house: Clean the whole house at least once a week. Bed bugs die at temperatures of about 113 degrees. If bed bugs are common in the house, boil and wash the bedsheets, pillow covers,  and the clothes of the house where it is being infested by the bugs.

4. Spray: Spray lavender oil on the area where the bugs live. Spraying like this for two to three days will make the bugs leave your house.

5. Furniture and upholstery: Keep the furniture and upholstery clean and in the sun regularly. This will reduce the attack of bugs and if any bugs are remaining, will die.

6. Alcohol: You can use alcohol to repel bed bugs. Spray a little alcohol on the bugs prone area and you will see that it will die.

7. Detergent: Mix detergent like Surf Excel in one litre of water and spray. As a result of spraying in this way, the bugs will die easily.

8. Vacuum: Vacuum the whole room to get rid of bed bugs from other places including the bed. When vacuuming, make sure that any floors of the house are not left out. This will greatly reduce the attack of bed bugs in your house.

9. Lavender Oil: Spray lavender oil on the place where the bugs live in the house. Spraying like this for two to three days will make the bugs leave your house.

Place your bed away from the wall to get rid of bed bugs. Shake the bed well before and after bed.

Bed bugs die at temperatures of about 113 degrees. If there are more bed bugs in the house, wash the bedsheets, pillow covers,  and clothes of the bedbug-infested areas with high heat. Bed bugs will die in it.

Moreover, the bugs die even when the furniture of the house is exposed to the sun. Because the bugs have not yet ‘discovered’ a way to escape the sun Scientists say that with the increase in global population and the movement of people in and out of the country, flat-sized bugs are now spreading around the world. Its nuisance is, especially in cheap hotels.

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