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How to overcome depression – Without Medication

What is depression?

To overcome depression you should be positive and acknowledge it consciously. Anyone can fall into depression. However, the reasons for depression are not the same for everyone. Since people’s lifestyle is different, so is depression. Even if a person is living the best out of life, depression can peek into his life. On the contrary, one can live a peaceful life even after living a poor life. So money has no connection with or impacts on depression.

How depression enters life?

Feeling humiliated

If a person is constantly insulted by another person, which leads to extreme trauma, it eventually ends with depression. It happens with the coy typed people, whose self-esteem can easily be broken with a few bad words, who always feel inferior and tend to suffer from depression.


People with an extroverted personality easily get into depression when they are unwillingly put in a circumstance where they are unable to communicate or share their thoughts with friends and families. When loneliness gets unbearable, people start thinking of themselves as the most helpless person on the planet and ultimately it is shaped as depression.

Genetic problem

A study showed that few hormones and family trends have a greater impact on getting depressed easily. In almost every family there is at least one person who is very complex minded and can’t accept anything easily and positively. This kind of negativity and tendency ends with depression.

Unexpected changes in life

Human life is diverse and every single subject in life may get changed frequently. Sometimes things happen very unexpectedly that may blow your mind but one must accept the bitter truth and reality of life since life is a test. Those who can’t move on after facing the bitter reality of life easily get into depression.

Symptoms of depression:

Frustration, anger, sadness, feeling bad all the time, doubt, hesitation, irritability, severe loss of appetite and sleep, unwillingness to talk to anyone, annoyance at words or light, sudden weight gain, headaches, feeling empty, lack of pleasure in anything or lack of concentration, feeling pain all over the body, hands, feet and abdomen, fatigue, tendency to distance oneself from everything.

If you have any of these five or more symptoms for two weeks or more, you may need to seek expert advice. Because keeping all these problems for a long time means making the disease more complicated. That means minor depression can turn into major depression. Of course, depression should not be called a complex disease in any sense rather, it can be called a big problem. It can be caused by physical and mental problems caused by depression, which may result in even death.

Types of Depressions

Major depression

When the symptoms of depression are very prolonged or appear after a few days, it is called major depression. Major depression leads to suicidal tendencies.

Minor depression

Minor depression occurs at some point in life due to a tragic event or environment. The proximity of people close to this time is very much required.

Atypical depression

It is a form of major depression. However, there may be a need for medication and psychological counselling. People should be more positive at this time. One should be in a pleasant environment which will help to reduce the depression level.


Depression can be caused by a lack of vitamin D in the blood of depressed people. However, more research is required to figure out the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depression.

How to overcome depression without medicine or medication:

* Try to be happy by morally doing every single positive thing.

* Happiness and sorrow are interconnected -try to accept both.

* Where a road of happiness ends, another road of happiness starts -try to find it 

* Free yourself from toxic thoughts, failed thoughts, negative thoughts, unreasonable thoughts, fearful thoughts etc. Give your mind auto-suggestions(Example: Keep calm, It’s okay, All is well, Nevermind)

* As human beings we have many flaws besides qualities. We should always learn from our mistakes.

* You need to do your counselling. Especially before going to bed at night, it is necessary to be accountable to yourself for your daily activities.

* You are the master of your mind and the mind is your slave. So it is not necessary to suppress the mind but to change it for good and it needs to be done with love, not with the whip.

* If someone bothers me, why should I get bothered? Why am I permitting my mind? – All these are happening because the mind is weak. So, make your mind stronger and get under your control.

* If you know the maths of acceptance and rejection depression will never get you

* Work harder when you are free.

* Remember – Simplicity is the best policy which will help you to overcome all the depressions

* Depression can be prevented by taking ethics and values ​​with you.

* Depression will never touch you if you completely submit yourself to your Creator

* Boost your positive thoughts

* Inferiority should not be associated.

* Respect is a kind of positive energy. So respect everyone.

* Get rid of social media be social physically not digitally

* Do meditation and yoga every day

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