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How to overcome depression – Without Medication

What is depression?

Maintaining a good attitude and actively acknowledging the existence of the depression are both necessary steps toward recovery. Anyone may slip into depression. On the other hand, not everyone who suffers from depression has the same set of contributing factors. Depression manifests itself in unique ways in various persons due to the diversity of lifestyles. Depression may appear in a person’s life at any time, even if they are making the most of their situation. On the other hand, despite one’s socioeconomic status, it is still possible to have a tranquil existence. Therefore, there is neither a correlation nor an influence between money and depression.

How depression enters life?

Feeling humiliated

A person is more likely to develop depression if they are subjected to severe traumatic experiences as a result of persistent insults from another person. This occurs with persons who have a sly personality type, whose self-esteem may be quickly damaged with only a few hurtful remarks, who are prone to feeling inferior all the time and who suffer from despair.


When extroverts are forced into situations where they are unable to interact or express their views with their relatives and friends, they are more likely to fall into depression. This may be a very difficult experience for these individuals. If a person’s feelings of isolation become intolerable, they may begin to see themselves as the most helpless person on the globe, which may eventually lead to the development of depression.

Genetic problem

According to the findings of one research, a small number of hormones and patterns that run in families have a higher influence on how prone someone is to depression. There is at least one individual with a mind that is so complicated that they are unable to readily and favorably embrace anything. This person is found in practically every household. Depression is the inevitable result of this sort of negativity and propensity.

Unexpected changes in life

The human experience is varied, and its perspectives on almost any topic are susceptible to regular evolution. Things might come out of nowhere that completely take you by surprise, but in order to go on with life, you have to learn to accept the harsh truth and the reality of the situation. Those who, after confronting the harsh realities of life, are unable to move on to happier things are more likely to fall into despair.

Symptoms of depression:

Frustration, anger, sadness, feeling bad all the time, doubt, hesitation, irritability, severe loss of appetite and sleep, unwillingness to talk to anyone, annoyance at words or light, sudden weight gain, headaches, feeling empty, lack of pleasure in anything or lack of concentration, feeling pain all over the body, hands, feet, and abdomen, fatigue, tendency to distance oneself from everything. These are all symptoms of depression, which is a mood disorder that affects the brain.

If you experience any of these five symptoms or more for a period of two weeks or longer, you should probably see a medical professional. Because allowing all of these issues to persist for an extended period of time will only make the condition more difficult. This indicates that mild depression has the potential to develop into serious depression. Depression is, of course, not even close to being complicated enough to be termed such; rather, it is more accurately described as a significant challenge. It is possible for it to be brought on by both mental and physical issues brought on by depression, which may even lead to death.

Types of Depressions

Major depression

It is considered to be serious depression when the symptoms of depression last for a very long time or when they occur after just a few days. Major depression leads to suicidal thoughts.

Minor depression

Minor depression happens at some time in life owing to a catastrophic occurrence or circumstance. It is quite important that individuals be in close proximity to one another during this time.

Atypical depression

It is a significant kind of depressive disorder. On the other hand, it’s possible that you’ll need psychiatric counseling and/or medicine. At this moment, people should have a more optimistic outlook. It is important to be in a nice atmosphere, as this will assist in bringing the degree of sadness down.


Lack of vitamin D in the blood of depressed persons may be a contributing factor in the development of depression. On the other hand, in order to better understand the connection between vitamin D insufficiency and depression, further study is necessary.

How to overcome depression without medicine or medication:

  • Make an effort to be happy by acting ethically and doing everything good that you can.
  • Joy and suffering are inextricably linked; it is important to learn to tolerate both.
  • Where one path to happiness comes to an end, another one to happiness begins; your job is to discover it.
  • Free yourself from poisonous ideas, thoughts that have failed, bad thoughts, negative thoughts that are irrational, afraid thoughts, and other scary and unreasonable thoughts. Put positive thoughts into your head (for example, “Keep cool,” “It’s alright,” “All is fine,” and “Nevermind”).
  • As human beings, in addition to our numerous strengths, we also have many defects. It is imperative that we never stop trying to improve.
  • You need to attend your sessions with the counselor. It is imperative that you hold yourself responsible for the things you did during the day, especially just before you go to bed at night.
  • You are the one in control of your mind, and your mind serves at your whim. Therefore, it is not essential to repress the mind; rather, it is required to alter it for the better, and this change must be accomplished via love rather than with the use of a whip.
  • Why should I let it upset me if someone else is causing me trouble? Why am I giving my mind this permission? – All of this is occurring because the mind is not strong enough. Therefore, work on strengthening your thinking and getting yourself under control.
  • If you can calculate the odds of acceptance and rejection, you will never fall victim to despair.
  • When you have spare time, you should put forth more effort.
  • Keep in mind that simplicity is the best policy, and it will assist you in overcoming any depressions you may be experiencing.
  • If you carry your morals and principles with you everywhere you go, you may avoid developing depression.
  • If you entirely give yourself up to your Creator, depression will never be able to have a foothold in your life.
  • Make an effort to think more positively.
  • There should be no association with inferiority.
  • Respect may be thought of as a kind of constructive energy. Therefore, respect each person.
  • Abandon all forms of social media. Engage in social interaction in real life rather than online.
  • Make it a daily practice to meditate and do yoga.

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