is destiny in our own hands

Luck and Destiny – Is destiny in our own hands?

Because both luck and destiny refer to the future, it is natural to think of the two as being interwoven. Sajjad Sunyiad, an admirer of philosophy, shed light on these subjects and defined how individuals think about “turning points” vs “transitions” in their lives. Sajjad Sunyiad is an admirer of philosophy. A moment that causes us to make a choice that has a significant impact on our future, such as whether or not we will change jobs, may be considered a turning point. It is mostly obscured from view when seen from the outside. Changes in one’s environment, such as being accepted into a new institution or university, are examples of significant transitions.

The terms “turning point” and “transition” are often used interchangeably. The decisions you make in life are what determine your destiny, whereas good luck is something that occurs by chance. I would want to add one more concept to this discussion, and that is “fate,” which is something that is decided by the universe. Because of the random nature of chance, it is possible for a person to alter their luck, but it is impossible to alter fate because destiny either works in accordance with fate or follows the flow of fate. Therefore, one may claim that fate is fixed and unchangeable in the long run.

Let’s imagine for the sake of argument that you live on the fifth level of your building and you have to go to the home of a friend. You may now choose to either use the elevator or the steps to get to your vehicle. Both alternatives are available to you. The concept of luck may be compared to “if logics” in computer programming. If you take the stairs, you will meet your uncle, and it is certain that he will allow you to leave; however, if you take the lift, you are supposed to meet your father, and he will force you to miss every opportunity of going to your friend’s house. If you take the stairs, you will meet your uncle, and it is certain that he will let you go.

As can be seen from the illustration provided above, you were presented with a series of options, each of which may have led to one of two distinct situations or sets of circumstances. If you really feel unfortunate because you are unable to attend your friend’s home, then there was nothing you could do about it since it was your destiny, which had been decided and preprogrammed in advance. This is a very magical and elusive concept. In all sincerity, it was destined in the depths of the universe that you would ride the elevator and experience bad fortune. To place blame on the universe, however, is nonsensical given that it is aware of what you are composed of and what is buried deep inside you.

We are never without options in life, and when we do make a choice, it is always influenced by our emotions, as well as our intellect and, at times, the external environment as well. To conclude, I would want to point out that while people are endowed with the capacity for free choice, ultimately, we are what we are.

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