is destiny in our own hands

Luck and Destiny – Is destiny in our own hands?

Luck and destiny seem intertwined because both of these terms deal with the future. A philosophy lover, Sajjad Sunyiad, threw light on these matters and clarified how people think about “turning points” versus “transitions” in their life. A turning point could be a moment that alters our future by driving us to make a decision like getting a new job or leaving a job. Primarily it’s not visible from the outside. Transitions invade big external changes like getting admitted into a new college or university.

In many cases “turning points” and “transitions” go together. Destiny depends on your choices in life while luck is a good fortune that happens randomly. I would like to add one more term here – “fate”, which is predetermined by the cosmos. One can change his or her luck since it is occurring randomly, but it is impossible to change fate, and destiny acts accordingly fate or follows the flow of fate. So, you can say destiny is concrete and immutable eventually.

Okay, let’s say you are on the fifth floor of your building and you need to visit your friend’s house. Now you have two options to reach your car either you take a lift or stairs. Luck work like “if logics” in programming. If you take the stairs you will meet your uncle and it is predetermined that he will let you go, however, if you take the lift you supposed to meet your father and he will make you lose every opportunity of your visiting friend’s house.

From the example illustrated above, it is clear that you had choices to make that will led you to two different scenarios or circumstances. This is truly magical and illusive that if you really feel unlucky because of not being able to visit your friend’s house then there was nothing to do as it was your fate which was predetermined and pre-programmed. Verily, it was predetermined in the cosmos that you will take the lift and feel unlucky. However, it is illogical to blame the cosmos since it knows what you are made of and what is deep inside you.

In our life, we are always given choices and we make a decision based on our feelings, intelligence and sometime based on the circumstance. Finally would like to say humans are given free will but at the end of the day, we are what we are.

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