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Lab-grown  brains

It was actually shocked when I read this, especially because of the ethical issues that seem to have been bypassed here. By growing brain matter in a vat, what you’re really doing is creating another human.

We use our brain for almost everything, from thinking logically about issues to feeling emotions about something entirely illogical. Consciousness is formed by the brain, which poses serious ethical dilemmas. The scientists, however, have sidestepped that by claiming that the brains do not have consciousness because the neurons are not firing in regular networks.

What the scientists are doing here is altering the skin cells into brain cells through a complicated process and then growing the brains in small nutrient tubs. This takes place over few months.

Growing brains would admittedly have a lot of advantages for us functioning humans. By studying them, we can tell how Alzheimer’s occurs and how to prevent it and perhaps even prevent brain tumours.

Those advancements and improvements would do a lot for society. However, it could be very possible that the brains are actually thinking and alive, just trapped without sensory input, which is really a terrible thing to think of.

CRYONICS Technology

The idea of cryonics technology is that if you die from a disease that is currently incurable, scientists refrigerate your body. When in the near future, technology will be developed to revive the body and the cure for your disease is found, you will be awakened, cured and allowed to live a new healthy life.

The procedure starts as soon as the body is declared dead.

The cryonics preservation team arrives at the site and provides minimum oxygen to the body and the brain to preserve minimum brain functionalities.

After that, the body is packed in ice and is taken to the storage facilities. At the facility, the blood is removed from the body and an organ-preserving solution is then filled inside the body.

After that the is the body is preserved in cryonics tanks by cooling it to a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. (What… did I say minus 196 degree Celsius?). Right, that’s the temperature of liquid nitrogen which is used for cooling and maintaining that temperature. The bodies are suspended as head down in these tanks as the brain is what we would like to be least damaged in case of catastrophe.

Currently, there are many organizations that provide this facility. Rules vary across different establishments.

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