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Monoverse, Polyverse, Omniverse

These days, physicists still don’t have enough evidence of other universes or even ideal ideas for obtaining evidence. Many howbeit insist our cosmos really is just a particle of dust in a boundless“multiverse.” One especially persuasive and passionate multiverse theorist is Sean Michael Carroll. His hope in the multiverse derives from his belief in quantum mechanics, which he perceives as our best account of reality.

A universe is a singular form, monoverse would be a single example of a multiverse. Monoverse defines what you understand, as part of a multiverse. This also suggests a probability of different Polyverses, is among what is a universe.

In those GOD terms, the Christian / Muslim god is like an omnipotent GOD. A monoverse would be a divinity in a polytheistic religion. A multitheist would have multiple viewpoints, be they different monotheistic rivals, or many polytheistic. So, in those terms, an omnipotent GOD precludes dissection, as it is assumed to be one above all. The Alpha and the Omega.

It is silly to try to enumerate infinity and it doesn’t exist, neither does zero. Things just seem to address some sense of those assumptions, such as “it appears to go to infinity”, or there appears to be nothing there however we all know this is not the identical as actually being infinite or nothing, and because nothing is in itself something, the two cannot survive with one another as they only exist as forms of each other, which are the same thing and related only by the idea, the approach, the like-ness.

Monoverse: A stand-alone universe where reality and time have a beginning and are linear and physical constants are equal throughout space. By sense, there is only one monoverse.

Polyverse: A reality where time is linear but space may be spasmodic, with different physical constants in different sectors or regions. Space is the criterion of a danger zone, where anything can happen at any moment; a comet smashes into a mega-ton block of rock; a star blasts(or implodes forming a Blackhole); or a galaxy is covered by an adjacent over-powering galaxy inducing bright colour to flash across the dark spectrum of the polyverse. Most of these colours are strips of colliding matter far more devastating than the Tsar Bomb here on Earth.

Omniverse: A reality where time branches into isolated timelines at every quantum probability. There is an innumerable infinity of timelines in an omniverse. The omniverse is an astronomical, quantum mechanics, philosophical or theoretical belief(or viewpoint) on “all of existence”. It is both atheistic and theistic, so far it’s neither of these. The notion of an omniverse proposes a more fundamental and comprehensive definition of existence, this can support many perceive things differently than the popular and mainstream religions or atheism, allowing a place for one to see a third choice (outside-the-box view) other than having to be an atheist or a theist.

We do not completely surmise our own universe’s time-space continuum however we know very little out of it, everything especially energy or gravity which exist in our physical universe, in the portion of our perceptible universe of cosmos, further we have no concept of what the infinite possible universes or existences would be like yet all of these are a portion of the infinite one omniverse that is itself everything. As explained, the omniverse is everything, it is also endless and eternal, there is no boundary to the omniverse as there is no extent to it, neither did it originate at some point in time, possibly time only exists in our own universe. Every alien and unknown objects or stuff in “all the realities there are or is a mystery.

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