secret languages

Secret languages that few people could understand – 6 secret languages

Secret languages

According to the situation, people have different ways to communicate themselves in different ways. The secret language is also a way to communicate that still few people know. Subject to any particular situation arising, they give a boost to those secrets. Generally, it is done with the addition of a syllable with a word, such as the addition of the syllable, the connection of the syllable into the original word. (secret languages)

1) Polari

Polari was the language of communication between the British sailors in the nineteenth century. But the language of the users changed over time. Homosexuality was banned in Britain from the thirty to sixties in the last century. The gay men of that time chose to communicate themselves with this language.

With the help of this secret language, they could even speak in front of everyone in such a way that no one could understand their topic or nature. If a gay man assumes anybody of his kind, he would first go to that person and ask him something in Polari. If the person answered in the Polari language, then do start gossiping. 

Now let’s get acquainted with some polari words. In their language, ‘Sex’ is called ‘trade’, and ‘cottaging’ means finding friends in the bathroom! ‘Vada’ means looking at someone, ‘Dolly eek’ means a beautiful appearance, and ‘chicken’ means young man. To mean Police they say that ‘Sharpy’, ‘Lilly Law’ or ‘Charpering Omi’ When a man looks attractive, it is called ‘Dish’, Telephone is called ‘Polari Pipe’. What does ‘Polari’ mean? It means ‘talk or speaking’.


2) Pig Latin

Children often play with words to have fun among themselves. From this fun, Pig Latin originated periodically. The use of this language started in 1869. But this language is also known as Hog Latin, Dog Latin, Gujarati Latin, and many other names.

Several rules need to be followed to translate it from the original language. If the word starts with a vowel then at the end you have to add ‘way’. For example, the word ‘Amazing’ becomes ‘Amazingway’ in Pig Latin,  If a word starts with a consonant and then there is a vowel, then that consonant will go at the end of the word. And after that ‘ay’ will be added. For example, the word ‘Laptop’ in the Pig Latin will be ‘aptoplay’. If it starts with two consonants, then both of them will go at the end of the word, and like before ‘ay’ will be added. For example, ‘Smart’ will become  ‘artsmay’ in Pig Latin.

Well, ‘Theory of Mind’, in Pig Latin what it will be?


3) Leet

Internet users have you ever heard of the language name LEET. In this language, each letter of a word is replaced by any one or more numbers or symbols. Keep in mind that if the number or symbol is near the main letter, some letters may be left untouched. For example, ‘Laptop’ can be written as ‘_ _ _ _ _ = 4- | -04’. It’s your wish. Here ‘| _ = L’, ‘@ = a’, ‘4 = p’, ‘- | – = t’ and ‘0 = o’.

In the 1980s, LeeT started its journey with the hand of a hacker group. They used to use this language written in a way to communicate secretly among their group members. But if you try, anybody can also read it. A computer can’t read Leet. That is why spammers do use this language in the email to avoid spam filters. Many people use this language to give extra protection to their passwords.


4) Swardspeak

The Swardspeak was used by the gay people of the Philippines same as Polari. Philippines’ gay men’s society chose Swardspeak to protect themselves from the eyes of everyone in the community. This language is made up of several regional words in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Philippine languages.

The previous three languages mentioned in this article has specific rules and regulations, but Swardspeak doesn’t have any specific rules The rules of applying words could change even according to the area. 


5) Thieves’ Cant

Now let’s go to the world of criminals. This language is known as Thieves’ cant, disease cant, pedal cant, used to apply  English thieves to communicate secretly.

Thieves’ cant usually has two types – Simple Thieves’ Cant and Advanced Thieves’ cant. Among the two, the popularity of the first is the highest. (secret languages)


6) Lunfardo

Argentine prisoners were using this language to secretly communicate among themselves. Of course, the journey of this language started at the hands of the poor people of Buenos Aires. This language is made up of words from Spanish and Italian languages. There are more than five thousand words in this language. (secret languages).

Thank you for reading.

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