secret languages

Secret languages that few people could understand – 6 secret languages

Secret languages

People are able to convey themselves in a variety of various ways, depending on the context in which they are doing so. A very small number of individuals are aware of the existence of the secret language as a means of communication. They provide a boost to those secrets, but it is contingent on each specific scenario that may arise. In most cases, it is accomplished by adding a syllable to a word, such as the connection of the syllable into the initial word, or the addition of the syllable. (secret languages)

1) Polari

During the nineteenth century, British seamen used Polari as their primary language of communication with one another. However, the language used by the users evolved throughout the course of time. From the 1930s to the 1960s of the previous century, homosexuality was illegal in the United Kingdom. The homosexual guys of that period preferred to express themselves in this language as a means of communication.

They were even able to communicate in front of everyone using this coded language, but no one was able to comprehend what they were talking about or why they were talking about it. If a homosexual guy were to suppose that someone else of his sort existed, the first thing he would do is approach that other and inquire about anything in Polari. If the individual who responded did so in the Polari language, then you should begin spreading rumors.

Now let’s get acquainted with some polari words. In their language, ‘Sex’ is called ‘trade’, and ‘cottaging’ means finding friends in the bathroom! ‘Vada’ means looking at someone, ‘Dolly eek’ means a beautiful appearance, and ‘chicken’ means young man. To mean Police they say that ‘Sharpy’, ‘Lilly Law’ or ‘Charpering Omi’ When a man looks attractive, it is called ‘Dish’, Telephone is called ‘Polari Pipe’. What does ‘Polari’ mean? It means ‘talk or speaking’.


2) Pig Latin

Children often play with words to have fun among themselves. From this fun, Pig Latin originated periodically. The use of this language started in 1869. But this language is also known as Hog Latin, Dog Latin, Gujarati Latin, and many other names.

In order to translate it from the original language, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed. If the word begins with a vowel, then you have to add the letter ‘way’ to the end of it. As an example, the word “amazing” is translated into Pig Latin as “amazingway.” If a word begins with a consonant and is followed by a vowel, then the consonant that came at the beginning of the word will be found at the end of the word. And then the letter ‘ay’ will be inserted after that. For instance, the term “laptop” will be rendered as “aptoplay” in the Pig Latin language. If the word begins with two consonants, then those two consonants will be moved to the end of the word, and just as previously, the letter ‘ay’ will be added. For instance, the word “Smart” is translated into Pig Latin as “artsmay.”

Well, ‘Theory of Mind’, in Pig Latin what it will be?


3) Leet

Internet users have you ever heard of the language name LEET. In this language, each letter of a word is replaced by any one or more numbers or symbols. Keep in mind that if the number or symbol is near the main letter, some letters may be left untouched. For example, ‘Laptop’ can be written as ‘_ _ _ _ _ = 4- | -04’. It’s your wish. Here ‘| _ = L’, ‘@ = a’, ‘4 = p’, ‘- | – = t’ and ‘0 = o’.

The decade of 1980s saw the beginning of LeeT’s adventure, which began at the hands of a hacking organization. They utilized this language, which was written in a certain style, to conduct clandestine communication among the members of their organization. However, if you put in the effort, everyone can read it. Leet is not readable by a computer. It is for this reason that spammers use this terminology inside the email in order to avoid being caught by spam filters. This language is used by a lot of individuals as an added layer of safety for their passwords.


4) Swardspeak

The same may be said about Polari and Swardspeak, both of which were used by the LGBT community in the Philippines. Swardspeak is the language that members of the homosexual men’s society in the Philippines use to conceal their identities from the rest of the community. This language is a fusion of many regional terms from the languages of the Philippines, Japan, and Spain.

In this article, the three languages that came before Swardspeak each had their own set of rules and guidelines to follow. However, Swardspeak does not have any such standards. It’s possible that the guidelines for using terms might vary even depending on the region.


5) Thieves’ Cant

Let’s go on now and enter the realm of crooks. This language is referred to as Thieves’ cant, illness cant, and pedal cant, and it was used by English criminals as a means of clandestine communication.

Thieves’ cant usually has two types – Simple Thieves’ Cant and Advanced Thieves’ cant. Among the two, the popularity of the first is the highest. (secret languages)


6) Lunfardo

These Argentine detainees were utilizing this language to have clandestine conversations with one another. Buenos Aires’s impoverished population was certainly instrumental in the development of this language in its early stages. The Spanish and Italian languages both contributed terms to the creation of this language. This language has a vocabulary that is well over five thousand words strong. (secret languages).

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