samurai muramasa

The cursed sword of Samurai Muramasa | by Sajjad Sunyiad

All the legendary swords are like a chest of myths or fairy tales. Reality and imaginations agglutinated in such a way that these days it is almost impossible to extract the real truth behind the story of these legendary swords. Samurai Muramasa has earned his place in people’s hearts with his legendary sword.

During the period of Muromachi’s rule in Japan, it was between the mid-four and the sixteenth century. At that time, Masamune, a very famous sword maker lived in Japan, Samurai Muramasa was his disciple. According to Oscar Ratty and Adele Westbrook, “He was a very skilled swordsmith, and all the swords he made bears the mark of abnormality of his peculiar mind. The way he made the swords, razor sharped and arrowheaded, will cry out for the blood of any opponents.

From the folks of Japan, it is said that Muramasa once challenged his Master Masamune in a Sword making contest. This competition was to determine who is the country’s best sword maker. Both of them appeared in the contest with their very own wielded swords. It was a goose bumping moment to see the winner.

samurai muramasa

When the competition started both of them (Master and Desciple) showed their sword skills and the power of the Swords. Since Murmasa’s sword was a killer sword and destroying everything arbitrarily, where Masamune’s sword did not hurt a single object unnecessarily, eventually Masamune was declared as the winner of this competition. There is no doubt that the judging team was biased and they announced the winner unjustly. However, everyone in that competition knew that the quality of Masamune’s sword was not better than Murmasa’s Sword, for the next 200 years, the popularity of the sword of Muramasa grew higher.

History says that the sword took the life of the judging team and others who got close to it, driving all crazy. We do not know whether Muramasa’s swords were actually cursed or haunted, but this sword is surrounded by mysteries, creates curiosity in our minds, and will keep Muramasa alive forever.

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