hand dryers

What technology do you wish was never invented?

Hand dryers. They’re a terrible solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

I am pretty sure that anyone who’s used a hand dryer (even the nicer ones) knows that they don’t work very well. Paper towels are easier and faster to use and they do a far better job drying your hands.

But, did you know that hand dryers are less hygienic than paper towels? Studies show that the air around a normal hand dryer can have 22 times the germs around a paper towel dispenser. Cold hand dryers with strong & powerful blowers like the Dyson Airblade are actually a lot worse.

The common argument that dryer companies make, though, is that paper towel waste is not good for the environment. That’s only a little true; life-cycle assessments show that paper towels are actually less wasteful than warm-air dryers (although cold dryers like the Airblade use about 1/5 of the energy).

Some men and women concern themselves with the trees we have to decrease, but report towels are often made from recycled timber pulp, as well as don’t need the really nasty binders or bleaches. The relevant issue of report waste is resolved when we simply put a little bit of energy in; paper towels are often biodegradable and can be composted. We do not should reduce woods, no rubbish has to check-out a landfill.

Long tale quick, paper towels tend to be a clean, hygienic, and lasting bathroom solution, and hand dryers are a completely unneeded replacement that’s earnestly worse.

I’m sick and tired of having soggy fingers for a no-good reason.

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