hand dryers

What technology do you wish was never invented?

Hand dryers. They are a bad answer to a question that doesn’t even need to be asked.

If you’ve ever used a hand drier, even one of the fancier models, you probably already know that they aren’t particularly effective at what they’re supposed to accomplish. Using paper towels is not only simpler and more efficient, but they also perform a far better job of drying your hands.

But, did you know those hand dryers are less hygienic than paper towels? According to Studies, the air surrounding a standard hand drier may contain up to 22 times the number of germs that are found near a paper towel dispenser. In reality, the situation is far worse with cold hand dryers that have strong and powerful blowers like the Dyson Airblade.

However, the most typical reason that dryer manufacturers put up is that the disposal of paper towel waste is harmful to the environment. That is only partially accurate; life-cycle evaluations reveal that paper towels are, in fact, more environmentally friendly than warm-air dryers (although cold dryers like the Airblade consume around one-fifth of the energy).

Some people are concerned about the number of trees that will need to be cut down, but paper towels are often manufactured from recycled wood pulp, and they do not need the use of particularly harmful binders or bleaches. Paper towels are often biodegradable and may be composted, which means that the pressing problem of waste management can be remedied with just a little bit of additional effort on our part. We should not cut down trees, and there should be no need to dispose of trash in landfills.

Long story In the restroom, paper towels are a fast answer that is typically clean, sanitary, and long-lasting, but hand dryers are a wholly unnecessary substitute that is really worse.

I’m sick and tired of having wet fingertips for no apparent reason. It’s driving me crazy.

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