most surprising coincidences

Coincidences – World’s Most Surprising Coincidences

There have been a lot of miracles and strange occurrences since the beginning of the human species. A simple “coincidental” explanation has sometimes been used to try to find an explanation for an incident. Here are a few of the events this setup has planned.

1. What is lotted can not be blotted

Henry Jigland was a little kid in 1883. But at that young age, he committed a serious error and had no idea that it would haunt him even decades later! His ex-involvement girlfriend’s with him caused his partner, who was already worn out, to commit himself. As a consequence, the girl’s older brother lost his mind, shot and murdered Henri after learning that he had fired till Henri was entirely gone. After concluding that Henry was already dead, he shot himself in the head to end his life.

Henry was lucky to live since the bullet missed his face and struck him on a tree in the back. I’m really fortunate, I’ve survived too much, I thought. However, Destiny’s actions may have been different.

After many years have gone by, Henry has left the youth of that period behind. I decided to take down the tree in front of the home one day. He’s forgotten the bullet is still lodged within the tree. Normally, after all these years, and forgot about so much rubbish from back then!

Henry, rather than attempting to chop the tree, chose to blow it up with explosives. Thinking about it, that may work. Finally, he placed the dynamite beneath the tree and waited for the explosion. The explosives went off, and the bullet within the tree ignited, shooting Henry in the head. He fell right into the lap of death. After all these years, the bullet couldn’t but retaliate, Henry Jigland!

2. Twine Fact 

The lives of these two boys in Ohio must have been filled with a lot of excitement. I suppose that they are identical twins, which is an amazing fact in and of itself.

James Lewis and James Spinner are two identical brothers who have the same name. However, once both of them gave birth, they were placed in an orphanage. While they were there, they were separated from one another because they were adopted by two different families who were from two different nations. Because they were both adopted when they were little children, it is only normal for them to be unfamiliar with one another.

The two families gave them the coincidence name James after the adoption. They both completed law enforcement training, and they both had mechanical drafting and carpentry skills. What’s more intriguing is that both of them wed, and both of the brothers’ wives were named Linda. Unexpectedly, both of them gave birth to a baby who had the same name as James Allan: James Allan!

Sadly, they didn’t have a lengthy marriage, and a few years later they both filed for divorce. Coincidentally, the names of both of the twins’ second spouses are Betty! Toy was the name of the dog owned by both of their spouses!

After 39 years, on February 9, 1979, two brothers finally got to know one another and realized that their lifestyles had been quite similar for a very long time.

3. The same thread

Fate is something you can’t escape from, as shown by the death of an Italian family in the same thread. In Taranto, Italy, lightning claimed the life of a person in 1899. The son of that individual was struck by lightning thirty years later, in the same manner.

It may have ended right now. But on October 8, 1949, the first person’s son and the second person’s son, “Rolya Primarada,” both passed away at the same location and in the same manner!

most surprising coincidences

4. Presidential Coincidence Returns!

In the year 2000, a comedy episode of “The Simpsons” depicted a fictionalized presidency of Donald Trump.

The most peculiar thing is that even though the pre-election campaign was portrayed in a series on “The Simpsons,” it was exactly the same as it was in real life! Who, if anybody, ever imagined that Donald Trump would one day lead the United States of America as its President?

5. Richard Parker!

Edgar Allan Poe was a well-known poet, literary critic, and one of the pioneers of the romance movement in the United States. The mystery tales that are found in English literature are unparalleled in comparison to any other genre. Imagine for a moment if Edgar Allan had access to a time machine. After that…

His novel ‘The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket‘, which was published in 1838, was written about the revolt of four sailors on a ship. In this story, the four sailors were lost in the sea. One of the four sailors was named Richard Parker.

It has been precisely 46 years since the novel was first published, and at this very moment, a boat is sinking while sailing from Southampton to Australia. It just so happens that Richard Parker was the one who was able to save his own life while seeking refuge in a lifeboat at the time of the catastrophe! Parker slaughtered his friends because he was starving, and this action ultimately saved his own life, just how it is described in the book.

Poe claimed that the story was true? But the same thing happened 46 years after the book was published! But did Edgar Allan Bo have a time machine? Or is it a mere coincidence? To honor the novelist, Yann Martel named a character in his Man Booker Prize-winning novel Life of Pi (2001) after Poe’s fictional character, Richard Parker

6. From Earth to Moon

In 1865, Jules Verne composed his unique creation, the famous science fiction novel, “From the Earth to the Moon“, where the author described the details of the Moon Exploration. He did write that the first lunar landing was accomplished by three astronauts using the Columbia spacecraft. Three of them described their lunar voyage in a breath-taking manner to the rest of the world; Jules Verne was even quoted as saying that the spacecraft’s landing place was the Pacific Ocean.

After almost a century, in 1969, three astronauts, Neil ArmstrongMichael Collins, Buzz Aldrin made their Moon exploration by Apollo 11(Callsign: Columbia, Eagle) from Earth. They returned as the first humans in the world to have walked on the moon, and unexpectedly, they even landed in the Pacific Ocean!

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